Everything You Need To Know About The Led Solar Street Light

As solar street lighting becomes more popular, homeowners and businesses are searching for the best LED solar street light for their specific needs. Not only are they more environmentally friendly, but they also have a number of advantages over traditional street lights. Here are the reasons why you need to start using led solar street lights:


What are LED solar street lights ?

A solar street light is a type of lighting that uses solar energy to produce light, which makes them a good choice for areas that don't have an electrical grid. The main components of a led solar street light are the housing, the LEDs, the battery, the controller, the solar panel, and the sensor. The solar panel converts sunlight into electricity. The LED light is connected to the controller, which regulates the amount of light output.


Housing : The main body of solar street lamps is usually aluminum alloy. This has excellent heat dissipation and corrosion resistance as well as aging resistance. Some suppliers also produce and sell integrated solar street lamps with plastic shells to cut costs.


LEDs : At the moment, solar street light systems are powered by low-pressure energy-saving bulbs, low-pressure sodium lamps, induction lamps, and DLED lighting equipment. Because it is costly, low-pressure sodium provides a large quantity of light, but it has relatively low efficiency. LED lights have a long lifespan, operate efficiently, and are suitable for solar lights as they have a low voltage. With advances in technology, LED performance will continue to improve. Low-voltage energy-saving bulbs have low power and high light efficiency, but they have a short lifetime. Induction lamps have low power and high light efficiency, but the voltage is unsuitable for solar street lighting. The lights on high-quality solar street lights would be better for illumination if they had LED lights.


Lithium Battery : As energy storage equipment, integrated solar street lights use lithium batteries. There are two types of lithium batteries: ternary and lithium iron-phosphate. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the customer's needs. Ternary lithium batteries tend to be cheaper than lithium iron phosphate, which are more stable, less volatile, more resistant to high temperature, easier to catch fire and explode, and more suitable to use in high-temperature environments. The keypoint of the solar streetlight's quality is determined by the battery. Its cost is also higher than the other parts.


Controller : PWM controllers are the most common type of solar street light on the market. They are inexpensive and reliable. The constant advancement of technology has led to more customers using MPPT Controllers which are more efficient in converting data.


Solar Panel : Mono and poly solar panels are optional. Monotype is more expensive than Polytype, but it is less efficient than Monotype. They can live for 20-30 years.


Sensor : The sensor device for integrated solar street lamps usually includes photocells and motion sensors. Each type of solar light requires a photocell.


Therefore the lights are :

Energy Efficient - To convert solar energy into electricity, you can use it to power LED street lights. Solar energy is endless.

Safer - Solar street lights are powered by 12-36V solar panels. They will not cause electroshock accidents and are safer.

Wider Applications - The off-grid solar street lamps have the flexibility and autonomy of power supply and can provide power in remote areas that lack electricity.

Less Investment - The solar streetlight system doesn't require any matching power equipment and can be fully automated. It also does not require staff management and has low operating and maintenance costs.


What are the benefits of using LED solar street lights ?

In the early 1990s, when the first LED streetlights were being developed, most people thought that they would never be practical or affordable. However, over the past two decades, LED solar streetlights have become a popular choice for cities and towns around the world. Global energy infrastructures are improving swiftly, making the present increased use of modern solar street lamps possible. The energy sources of these fixtures are notable for their hardware consisting of solar panels embedded with lithium-ion batteries, sensors that sense brightness and motion, battery management system, and sensors and settings.


LED solar streetlights use less energy than traditional lamps and light fixtures, which makes them a good choice for municipalities looking to decrease their energy costs. LEDs also last longer than incandescent bulbs, making them more cost-effective in the long run. Plus, LED solar streetlights do not produce heat or noise like traditional lamps do. This makes them perfect for urban areas where noise and air pollution are major concerns.


There are many benefits of using LED solar street lights.

1. Streetlights are an essential part of city infrastructure, providing safety and illumination for pedestrians and drivers. Solar streetlights are a newer and more advanced type of streetlight that combines the best features of traditional streetlights with the benefits of solar energy. These lights are water-resistant and weatherproof, have a low glare and low insect attrition rate, and require little maintenance.

2. The solar cells in these lights harness solar energy into electrical energy that is stored in the built-in battery. This energy is then used to power dusk-to-dawn lighting system functions. These lights are designed to handle people's needs, as they are dependable and easy to use.

3. Solar street luminaires with battery management system provide benefits such as the presence of motion and night sensors, which enables municipalities to save on energy costs. Additionally, these fixtures can improve the aesthetics of a street or sidewalk while providing safety for pedestrians and drivers.

4. In the first five hours of The night, the system's performance is up to medium brightness. The light intensity decreases drop-by-drop throughout the evening or until the PIR sensor senses the movement of humans.

5. With an LED lighting setup, the luminaire automatically switches to full brightness when it senses movement within a specific area of the fixture.

6. Unlike conventional street lights, solar outdoor luminaires do not require any type of upkeep, making them a great choice for locations where regular maintenance is not possible or desired. Additionally, solar outdoor luminaires are typically more cost effective than traditional street lights, making them an ideal choice where budget is a concern.

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What are the different types of LED solar streetlights?

Off-grid split type

The majority of the upcoming solar light projects are set to happen in places where there is not electricity cabling. Solar light would be a superior choice. In off-grid split type streetlight each pole has its own separate device. It contains the solar panel as a power source (the entire body), a battery, a solar controller, and a LED light. In Fact, you can place this unit anywhere other than in an area that has no sunlight, of course.



Grid-tie hybrid type

Grid-tie hybrid solar street lamps are equipped with an AC/DC hybrid controller and an additional 100-240Vac constant power supply.

Solar and Grid Hybrid Solution integrated with a grid and solar hybrid solution. The system uses solar power for priority and switches to mains power (100 - 240Vac) when the battery is low. It is reliable and has no risks in areas with high illumination requirements but long rainy and snow seasons in Northern Countries.



Solar & wind hybrid

We can add a wind turbine to the existing off-grid solar street lighting system and upgrade the controller so that it is solar & hybrid.

The combination of solar energy and wind energy makes this solar and wind streetlight. The more energy produced when you combine both, the greater the potential for production. Both sunlight and wind produce energy at different times.

Winters are dominated by wind, while summers are more dominated by sunlight. This hybrid solar and wind street light is a great option for harsh climates.



All In One

The All In One solar street light, the third generation of solar lighting systems, is well-known for its compact design that integrates all components within one unit. This was created in 2010s to provide rural lighting and has been popular for a few years. It is now a popular choice for professional lighting of parking lots, parks and main roads.

The structural upgrades are not only important, but so is the power supply and lighting system. It is so flexible to use the integrated solar street light system. You can simply change the controller to switch between off-grid, grid, and solar hybrid. Or, you could add a wind turbine.




What is a quality LED solar street light ?

The finest LED solar street lights should be with top quality and steady Lithium batteries such as LiFePo4 26650,32650 as well as a high quality controller such as an MPPT controller, the life-span will certainly be 2years at the very least.


How do LED solar street lights work ?

The intelligent controller controls the solar street lamp during the day. After the sun rays hit the panel, the solar panel absorbs solar energy and converts it to electric energy. The solar module charges the battery pack in the day and provides power to the LED light source at nights to provide lighting.


Why do we use LED solar street lights instead of using normal LED street light ?

Solar street lamps don't require electricity because they are not like ordinary street lamps. The sun's energy transforms them into power supply lamps. This reduces not only the cost of street lighting but also the usual management and maintenance costs. Solar street lights are gradually replacing the street lights that we use.


Do the LED solar street lights turn on all night ?

How much electricity the battery provides determines how long it stays on all night.


LED lighting is unbeatable in terms of area coverage and brightness. Solar LED street lights featured took care of no remarkable attributes, which are extraordinary in this certain sector. The reliability of VKS Lighting implies a variety of attributes, such as high capability SMD LED with side optics for uniform street lighting distribution built with high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic panel, that are open to clover.


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