How To Enjoy Swimming With LED Lighting

Swimming is both fun and good for your health. Swimming is a great sport that includes lighting, regardless of whether the pool has been installed or maintained. VKS lighting is the leading manufacturer of swimming pool LED lights. VKS Lighting assists pool owners from the initial design phase to the final purchase. VKS Lighting makes sure the LED lights are placed in the best possible place to maximize light output. This article will provide you with the best information on swimming pool LED lighting.

Swimming pools are best served by LED lighting. LED lighting is easy to maintain and has the longest possible life span. LED lighting is a great way to improve the lighting in your swimming pool. The LED lighting can create the ideal ambiance for your swimming pool. Remember that each swimming pool is unique and what works for one person might not work for another. There are many types of swimming pools, including water lagoons and simple geo-shaped pools. The principles of lighting are similar. This article will give you a better understanding of pool lighting so you can get the best lighting for your pool.

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Lighting Requirements For Swimming Pool Lighting


There are many requirements when it comes to lighting swimming pools. It is important to set the right lux level for your swimming pool or aquatic center. This ensures that swimmers and lifeguards can see clearly underwater and above water. If the pool is being used for professional competitions such as the FINA World Championship, or the Olympics, brightness regulations must be observed. Professional tournaments should have a lux level of between 750 and 100 lux. These lighting requirements are essential to ensure that swimming pool lighting is well lit.

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Spread of Light

The spread of light and reflection in the swimming pool determine the lighting effect. For a spread of light of approximately 16ft, the LED lights must be placed at a distance of 32ft. The spread of light will be affected by the color and surface of the LED lights. It is also important to consider the line of sight as this will impact light appearance.


Color Absorption

The interior color of the swimming-pool surface must also be considered when lighting it. The rule of thumb is that the darker the interior swimming pool color, the more lighting would be needed to achieve sufficient lighting. A useful equation is that 1.5 light would be needed for a swimming pool with a darker surface.


Factors To Consider When Designing The Lighting For A Swimming Pool


Lighting for a swimming pool must be designed with consideration to many factors. These factors will help you design the best lighting.


Swimming Pool Lighting Brightness Level

When designing lights for a swimming-pool, the most important consideration is the level of brightness (lux). The brightness level for public and private pools should range from 200 to 500 lux. For an Olympic-sized pool, or aquatic center, the brightness level should be between 500-1200 Lux. 150 lux would be required for the spectator area. A recreational swimming pool should have a minimum of 500 lux. Professional swimming pools require a higher level of lux to ensure that the environment is well lit for video broadcasting and photo shoots. It also means that there will be higher energy costs because more lighting fixtures would have to be installed not only on the ceilings or sides of the pool but also in the spectator area and changing rooms as well as the equipment room and other areas of the pool compound. It is essential to maintain sufficient brightness.

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Power Wattage

The power requirement must also be considered. An example of this would be a swimming pool that is Olympic-sized. It would require approximately 1,250 square metres to light up. 1000 lumens would also be required for every square meter. For lighting the pool, it will require 1,250,000 lumens. To do this, multiply 1,250 by 1,000. To determine the amount of light that is required, it is important to calculate the luminous efficacy. On the other hand, the seating area of spectators will require approximately 30-50 percent more lighting.

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Positioning of the Swimming Pool

How the LED lighting should look at the swimming pool is a major factor. Ceiling lighting fixtures can face either downwards or sideways. First, one must know which direction the lighting is directed. Direct lighting can cause significant glare, which can affect swimmers and the eyes of spectators. This can be particularly frustrating for backstroke swimmers, as the light could cause eye irritation. This problem can be solved by mounting the LED lights so that they surround the pool. Oblique illumination is a good option to illuminate the pool. The glare could be reduced by water reflection. Secondary reflection can be used to illuminate the swimming pool. Secondary reflection is another way to illuminate the pool. It is important that the LED lighting design be oriented towards the ceiling. The pool would be lit by the reflected light. The ceiling acts as a light diffuser, ensuring uniform illumination. It can also be very energy-intensive as most of the light generated would be absorbed by the ceiling. Additional LED lights would then be needed.


CRI & Color Temperature

When designing LED lighting, it is important to consider the CRI and color temperature. The color of the light used to illuminate the swimming pool should not be considered. Below are suggested colors for different situations.


Public/Recreational Pool: The CRI should reach 70. The color temperature can range from 4000K to 5 000K, as the pool is not televised. The color of light would look similar to morning sunlight.


Televised Competition Pool: A CRI of 80 and a color temperature of 5700K should suffice.


How To Choose The Best LED Lights For A Swimming Pool


It is difficult to choose the right swimming pool LED lighting. These factors will help you choose the best swimming pool lighting.


Installation is easy

It is important to choose LED lights that are easy to install. You can install most LED lights manually. Poorly constructed LED models can take a long time to install. VKS Lighting has swimming pool LED lighting available that is simple to install and compatible with most fittings.


Bright Lighting

LED lighting’s main purpose is to provide light to the swimming pool for swimmers and spectators. If the lighting is not bright enough, it doesn’t matter how durable the unit. Bright LED lights are best.


Other Features

Many other features are available in LED lights that most people overlook. You should also consider the possibility to create multiple colors. Children will love swimming pools that are illuminated in different colors. A dimming feature is another important feature that is often overlooked. Dimming ability is useful and can be used to create different effects, such as opening or closing the swimming pool.



The efficiency of the LED lights is the final consideration when choosing the right swimming pool lighting. Efficiency is the most important thing. VKS Lighting offers efficient LED lights that are both energy-efficient and cost-effective. Efficient LED lights are also better for the environment and last a longer time.

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Post time: Feb-24-2023