Do You Know?Facts You Need To Know About The Led Solar Lights

The development of society and economy has led to an increase in energy needs. Human beings are now faced with a pressing task: finding new energy. Because of its cleanliness, safety and extensiveness, solar power is considered the most important source of energy in the 21st Century. It also has the ability to access resources that are not available from other sources such as thermal power, nuclear power, or hydropower. Solar LED lamps are a growing trend and there is an amazing selection of solar lamps available. We will be discussing the pertinent information about solar LED lights.



What are led solar lights?

Solar lights use sunlight as energy. The solar panels charge the batteries during the day and the batteries provide power to the light source at night. It is not necessary to lay expensive and complicated pipelines. You can adjust the layout of the lamps arbitrarily. This is safe, efficient, and free from pollution. Solar lamps are made up of components such as solar cells (solar panels), batteries, smart controllers, high-efficiency light sources, light poles and installation materials. The elements of standard solar led lights can be :

Major material : The light pole is made of all-steel and is hot-dip galvanized/sprayed to the surface.

Solar cell module: Polycrystalline or crystalline silicon solar panel 30-200WP;

Controller : Dedicated controller for solar lamps, time control + light control, intelligent control (lights turn on when it’s dark and off when it’s bright);

Energy storage batteries : Fully enclosed maintenance-free lead acid battery 12V50-200Ah or lithium ironphosphate battery/ternary battery, etc.

Light source : Energy-saving, high-power LED light source

Light pole height : 5-12 meters (can be made to meet customer needs);

When it’s Raining : Can be used continuously for 3 to 4 rainy day (different regions/seasons).


How does led solar lights work?

LED solar lamps make use of solar panels to convert absorbed sunlight into electrical energy. This is stored in the control box under the light pole.


How many types of solar lights you can find in the market ?

Solar home lights  Solar lights are more efficient than ordinary LED lights. They have either lead-acid or lithium batteries that can be charged with one or more solar panels.The average charging time is 8 hours. However, the charge time can take as much as 8-24 hours.The shape of the device can vary depending on whether it is equipped with remote control or charging.

Solar signals lights (aviation lights)  Navigation, aviation and land traffic lights play a vital role.Solar signal lights are a solution to power shortages in many areas.The light source is mainly LED, with very small directional lights.These light sources have provided social and economic benefits.

Solar lawn light  The light source power of solar lawn lamps is 0.1-1W.A small particle light-emitting device (LED) is usually used as the main source of light.Solar panel power ranges from 0,5W to 3W. It can also be powered by a nickel battery (1,2V) and other batteries (12).

Solar landscape lighting  Landscape lighting Solar lights can be used in parks, green spaces and other areas. They use a variety of low-power, low-power LED line lights, point lights, and cold cathode modelling lights to beautify the surroundings.Solar landscape lights can provide better lighting effects for the landscape without destroying the green space.

Solar sign light  Lighting for house numbers, intersection signs, night guidance and house numbers.The system’s usage and configuration requirements are minimal, as are the requirements for the luminous flux.A low-power LED light source, or a cold cathode lamps can be used as the light source for the marking lamp.

Solar street light  The main use of solar photovoltaic lighting is for street and village lights.Low-power, high-pressure gas discharge lamps (HID), fluorescent lamps, low pressure sodium lamps and high-power LEDs are the light sources.Because of its limited overall power, not many cases are used on the main streets of the city.The use of solar photovoltaic street lamps for main roads will increase with the addition of municipal lines.

Solar insecticidal light  Useful in parks, orchards and plantations.Generally, fluorescent lamps are equipped with a specific spectrum. More advanced lamps use LED violet lamps. These lamps emit specific spectral lines that trap and kill insects.

Solar Garden Lamps  Solar garden lights can be used to illuminate and decorate urban streets, residential and commercial quarters, parks and tourist attractions, squares, and other areas.You can transform the above-mentioned lighting system into a solar system depending on your needs.


Facts you need to know when planing to buy led solar lights


False Solar Light Power Wattage

Many solar lamp sellers will sell false power (wattage), particularly solar street lamps or solar projectors. The lamps often claim to have a power of 100 watts, 200 or 500 watts. However, the actual power and brightness are only one-tenth as high. It is impossible to reach. This is due to three main reasons: first, there is not an industry standard for solar lamps. Second, manufacturers cannot calculate the power of solar lights using the parameters of their power controllers. Third, consumers don’t understand solar lamps and are more likely to decide to buy lamps with higher power. This is why some suppliers won’t sell their products if they don’t have the right power.

The capacity of the batteries and the photovoltaic panels limit the power (wattages) of the solar lamps. If the lamp is on for less than 8 hours, it will need at least 3.7V ternary batteries 220AH or 6V to achieve a brightness of 100 watts. Technically, the photovoltaic panel with 260 watts will be expensive and difficult to obtain.


The solar-powered panel’s power must be equal to the battery

Some solar lights manufactured by manufacturers are marked with a 15A batteries, but are equipped with a 6V15W panel. This is completely speechless. 6.V15W photovoltaic panel can produce 2.5AH of electricity an hour at its peak. It is impossible for 15W photovoltaic panels to fully charge 15A batteries within 4.5 hours of sunlight if the average sun duration is 4.5H.

You might be tempted to say “Don’t think of any other time than 4.5 hours.” It’s true that electricity can be generated at other times in addition to its peak value of 4.5 hour. This statement is true. First, power generation efficiency at other times than peak times is low. Second, conversion of peak production capability here is calculated using 100% conversion. It is not surprising that photovoltaic power can reach 80% in the process for charging the battery. This is why your 10000mA powerbank can’t charge 2000mA iPhone five times. We are not experts in this field and don’t need to be exact with the details.


Monocrystalline silicon panels are more efficient than those made of polycrystalline silicon

This isn’t quite right.

Many companies advertise that their solar panels and solar lamps are monocrystalline silicon. This is much better than polycrystalline silicon. The quality of a panel should be measured from the standpoint of solar lamps. It should determine if it can fully charge the lamp’s battery. Solar led floodlight is an example. If its solar panels are all 6V15W, and the electricity produced per hours is 2.5A, then how can you tell if monocrystalline silicon is superior to polycrystalline silicon. There has been a debate about monocrystalline silicon versus polycrystalline silicon for a long time. Although monocrystalline silicon’s efficiency is slightly higher in laboratory tests than that of polycrystalline silica, it is still quite efficient in installations. It can be applied to solar lamps, monocrystalline or multicrystalline, as long as it is compatible with high-quality panels.


It is important to place solar panels where there is maximum sunlight.

Many customers purchase solar lamps because they are easy to install and don’t require cables. However, in practice, they don’t consider whether the environment is suitable for solar lamps. Do you want the solar lamps to be easy-to-use in areas with less than three hours of sunlight? The ideal wiring distance between the lamp & the solar panel should be 5 meters. The longer the conversion efficiency, the lower it will be.


Do solar lights use new batteries?

The current market supply of solar lamp batteries is primarily disassembled lithium and lithium iron phosphate battery batteries. These are the reasons: Brand-new batteries can be expensive and are not available to many manufacturers; second, major customers, such as those who are interested in new energy vehicles, are supplied with brand-new battery assemblies. They are therefore difficult to buy, even if they have the money.

Is the battery disassembled durable? It is very durable. Our lamps, which we sold three years ago, are still being used by customers. There are many methods to disassemble a battery. High-quality batteries can also be obtained if they are thoroughly screened. This is not a test for the battery’s quality, but the human nature.


What is the difference between ternary lithium batteries and lithium ironphosphate batteries?

These batteries are used mainly in integrated sun street lights, and flood lights. These two types of lithium batteries have different prices. They have different high-temperature resistances and low-temperature resistance performances. Ternary lithium batteries are strong at low temperatures and can be used in areas with low temperatures. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are stronger at high temperatures and are suitable for all countries.


Is it True ? The brighter the solar lamp with more Led chips, the better ?

Manufacturers are attempting to produce as many led chips possible. Customers will be convinced that lamps and lanterns made of sufficient materials and quality products if they see enough led chips in them.

The battery is what maintains the lamp’s brightness. The lamp’s brightness can be determined by how many watts the battery can supply. The brightness will not be increased by adding more led chips, but it will increase resistance and energy consumption.

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