How To Enjoy Hockey With LED Lighting

In the past, ice hockey was only played outdoors. Ice hockey players had to play at a temperature below zero degrees in order to enjoy it. There was always the possibility of the weather changing at any time. If the temperature rose above zero degrees, ice hockey matches had to be cancelled. Ice hockey rinks were created to address this problem. An ice hockey rink uses artificial ice. The majority of tournaments for ice hockey are held at a rink. Ice hockey is now possible to play anywhere in the world thanks to the advent of the ice skating rink. Ice hockey rinks are possible to be built even in the desert. Urbanization has resulted in an increase of sedentary lifestyles. People are now trying to counter this unhealthy lifestyle with recreational sports.

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Ice hockey brings people together and encourages them to be more active. For a better experience, LED lights and lighting fixtures are essential. LED lights can help reduce electricity costs and improve the environment for spectators and players to enjoy the sport. The best thing about LED lights, however, is the fact that they reduce light pollution in the surroundings. High maintenance and high energy costs are a major problem for hockey rink managers. Ice rinks can be costly and less profitable. It is possible to make your maintenance and energy costs two-fold by using LED lights.

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Lighting Requirements For Hockey Pitch Lighting


Hockey pitch LED lighting is the best solution for lighting your hockey pitches. It is easy to install and cost-effective. LED lighting is also more durable than traditional lighting options. Lighting plays an important role in ice hockey, just as it does for any other sport. Without it, spectators and athletes wouldn’t enjoy the game. Ice rinks use a lot of energy, and lighting is the primary reason. LED lights can reduce lighting costs by up to half. To get the best out of LED lights, you need to understand the lighting requirements for hockey pitch lighting. These lighting requirements will assist you in choosing the best hockey pitch lighting.

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Glare Rating

To maintain a comfortable environment, glare must be controlled. Controlling glare can improve visual performance. These are the reasons glare rating system are used. United Glare Rating (UGR), one of the most effective glare rating system, is available. It is widely used around the globe. It was designed for horizontal viewing, such as ceiling lighting. However, most sports activities have a tendency to be viewed in the upwards direction. Anti-glare is required for ice hockey lighting.


IK Rating

The IK rating, also known as IK code or Impact Protection Rating, is a rating for impact protection. The digits indicate the level of protection provided by lighting fixtures. The digits indicate the degree of erosion protection. IK rating is used to determine the durability and toughness of the fixture. IK rating is required for lighting fixtures in ice hockey rinks because it is a high-traffic area. It is vital to have an IK rating for ice hockey because it is essential that one invests in the best lighting.


Uniform Illumination

Uniform illumination is the first thing to consider. Lighting for an ice hockey pitch must be designed so that uniform illumination can be guaranteed. It should not be possible to have too much or too little lighting in any area. It is essential that there be uniform illumination so that athletes can perform at their best.

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Color Temperature

Color temperature is another important aspect of designing hockey pitch lighting. This is used to describe the characteristics of the light source. Warm light is produced from halogen and sodium lamps, while LEDs and fluorescents produce cool light. Cool white light comes in three different colors: 5000K (blue) and 3000K, (yellow). Daylight is available at 5000K (blue) and 6500K (6500K) Even though there is no mandatory light temperature, it is a good idea for daylight or cool-white light to be used as it has a positive impact on productivity and mood. You should consider the level of light intensity and whether the ice hockey arena is reflective. Many ice hockey rinks use rubber flooring, which is not very reflective. You can use a higher color temperature.


Color Rendering Index 

Designing ice hockey pitch lighting requires the next requirement, which is the color rendering index (or CRI). The CRI is an important aspect of LED lighting. The CRI measures how well a lighting system can make objects look based on their color. The CRI’s main purpose is to distinguish between realistic and natural lighting. The CRI is calculated by comparing the light source to sunlight. Remember that the CRI is a measure of the quality of the colors created by the lighting. It can also indicate colors appearing unnatural or less natural. The CRI should be at least 80 when it comes to hockey pitches.


Luminous Efficacy

When designing LED lighting for a hockey pitch, it is important to consider the luminous efficacy. This allows one to assess the effectiveness of the lighting. The better the lighting, the more efficient it is. Lighting design should take luminous efficacy into consideration. This will enable you to design the best ice hockey pitch lighting.

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Heat dissipation

Heat dissipation is another important aspect to consider when designing LED lighting. To ensure that heat from the lighting fixtures doesn’t cause damage to the fixtures over time, it is important to make sure that the heat dissipation system works efficiently. A heat dissipation system that is efficient will enable the ice hockey pitch last longer.


Light Pollution

Light pollution is a grave problem. This should not be taken lightly. Control light spillage when designing the lighting for ice hockey pitches. A poor control of light leakage can have a negative effect. Avoid spilling light at all cost. It can be harmful to the environment and impact on the lives of those living in the vicinity. Spill light can also be interpreted as the loss of electricity.


How to Choose the Best LED Light for Hockey Pitch


It is difficult to choose the right LED light for your hockey pitch. VKS Lighting will provide the best LED lighting for your hockey pitch. These are the things you should consider when choosing the best LED light to use for your hockey pitch.

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It is impossible to stress enough the importance of quality. You should choose the best LED lighting. While it might require more upfront investment, you will see a return on your investment over the long-term. High quality LED lighting will require less maintenance and replacement. This will result in lower operating costs. You should not compromise on quality. High-quality LED lighting is better for ice hockey pitches as it lasts longer and offers greater energy savings.


Efficient optical system

Look for LED lights with an efficient optical system. Multiple reflections are necessary to prevent light spillage. It is important to choose LED lighting that directs the light in the right direction. LED lights should be able to efficiently use light at a rate of around 98 percent. You will only know which LED lights you should choose if the light source is optimal.



Choose LED lights with greater durability. To choose the best LED light, it is important to consider the life span of the lights. It is common for people to forget the LED light’s life span. This can lead to costly mistakes. Hockey pitch lighting is an expensive investment. It is crucial to make the right decision the first time. Many brands offer lights that only last for 2 to 3 years. VKS Lighting is a company that guarantees maximum durability. To ensure that replacement and maintenance costs are minimal, choose durable lighting.

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Post time: Mar-06-2023